Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Rent a Yacht in Dodecanese Islands, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a Yacht in Dodecanese Islands, Greece in a few minutes!


Renting a yacht in the Dodecanese is the ideal way to explore the islands that are quite hard to reach without an excursion by sea. The islands stand out for their endless beaches and medieval architecture in a cosmopolitan and peaceful atmosphere. From a sailing point of view, the islands are perfect for advanced sailors, due to their complex rock formations, coves, and numerous islets. You can pick the ideal sailboat, catamaran, or motor yacht of your choice from the various marinas and ports of the Dodecanese islands. You can directly contact the owners for the ideal yacht you desire or allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions. 

You have plenty of options: 

You can book and hire a yacht with a skipper or without one, if you own a license, and enjoy a one-day cruise to Nisyros, Halki, or Leros and Lipsi. The Greek islands of Rhodes and Kos are close to the coasts of Turkey as well, so you can organize single-day excursions to Marmaris, Fethiye, or Bodrum with a motor yacht, which has the fastest cruising speed of all vessels. You also have the option to hire a catamaran to throw a party, celebrate a promotional business event, or for team-building exercises. Finally, you can hire a traditional yacht and ccreate your itinerary within the Cyclades islands in Greece and create memories of a lifetime.

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Yacht in Dodecanese Islands

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 The Dodecanese is derived from the greek number “dodeka '' which implies that there are a dozen islands (“Dodekanisa”) mainly forming the archipelago. Although there are 200 different islets, the main twelve include Rhodes, Kos, Astypalea, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kastellorizo, Chalki, Leros, Nisyros, Patmos, Symi, and Tilos. Literally being situated in the middle of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the islands can make an interesting sailing holiday, packed with historical and cultural experiences. 

 Kos and Rhodes are excellent embarkation points for a yacht charter in the Dodecanese. The proximity of the islands from Kos and Rhodes makes it possible to go for many-day excursions in the islands around, or you can spend time sailing to a different place every day. You can book a full-day cruise to Symi from Rhodes with a stop at St. Georges Bay, where you can get to jump in the refreshing waters of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Symi has an impressive natural harbor and is filled with colorful buildings in a picturesque setting. On your first visit to Gialos, you can eat at the finest section of restaurants, by the port, and purchase some unique handmade jewelry from little corner shops. You can also go for a walk up the hill and see the entire view of the bay under the romantic sunset. Starting from Symi, you can head to Nisyros, where you can swim and relax. Kalymnos is also within your reach; there are some famous sheltered anchorages, such as Vathy and Emborio here, which are great for an overnight stay. On your way back, you can visit Tilos where you can drop anchor in the harbor at Livadia and wander around the streets, in search of souvenirs in the bustling area. Some other good stopovers from Rhodes are also the islands of Karpathos and Kassos; they are secluded and have many beautiful beaches and villages for you to visit. 

 Alternatively, you can rent a yacht in the Dodecanese from Kos and visit some nearby islands. Do not miss the chance to visit the dormant volcano of Nisyros and the Spa of Loutra, where you can take a dip in the hot spring waters. Just an hour away from Kos you can also find the island of Pserimos and, thus, complete your three-island tour to Platy, where you can swim and snorkel in turquoise waters. If you are considering departing with your group from Kalymnos, Telendos is only half an hour away and perfect for relaxing for a few hours. South of the island, the village of Vathy has beautiful little bays, making it great for motor yachts and sailboats to set anchor. Finally, for an alternative day cruise, you have the option to rent a yacht from Kos to Bodrum, where you will be welcomed in one of the most famous tourist destinations of Turkey. 

 By renting a motor yacht in the Dodecanese you can move away from the tourist hubs of Kos or Rhodes and plan a quiet escape to Patmos or Astypalaia. You can also take your chance to visit Samos and Ikaria while being there. Since the winds can blow stronger than in the Ionian during the high season, renting a yacht with a skipper in the Dodecanese is highly recommended. The stronger winds make it great for wind and kite surfing fans, though. Some of the beaches that are ideal for these kinds of activities include: Afartis beach in Karpathos island, Prasonisi beach in Rhodes, and Psalidi and Kefalos in Kos. Even further north of Patmos and closer to Turkey, the island of Samos has a dominant port with a renowned fleet that has sailed the seas of multiple continents. If you arrive at Ikaria, you can swim in many unspoiled beaches that are surrounded by unique villages. Overall, traditional sailing yachts are quite common in these clusters of islands. BednBlue offers the best prices for guests wishing to plan a week or two, in order to create unique and memorable experiences. 

Below you will find some useful information for your yacht rentals in the Dodecanese islands:

Rhodes Marina: Has a berthing capacity of 382 yachts and perfect provisioning for all types of vessels. Super friendly staff and a safe environment for mooring. 

Lakki Marina, Leros: The Marina can occupy up to 45 berths for yachts up to 36 meters in length. It offers perfect shelter for all weather conditions and permanent mooring lines with electricity and water. 

Marina Kos: The marina offers 250 berths with a range of services for yachts ranging from 7 to 80 meters. One of the best marinas in the Aegean to depart from during sailing holidays, because of its great position and ambitious program to always have an up-to-date marina. 

Panormitis Port, Symi: has a couple of yachts anchoring in the sheltered bay and a few fishing boats too. It is a peaceful harbor with good shelter; the only way to reach here is by boat. 

Port Mandraki, Nisyros: Has a berthing capacity for 60 yachts and can accept vessels up to 70m. The area has quality services and great facilities. 

Vathy Marina, Kalymnos: a great harbor at the end of a deep bay, which provides a marvelous view and is perfect for swimming.  The marina is great for an overnight stay when sailing the Aegean Sea. 

Airports: Rhodes, Kos, Karpathos, and Kalymnos have airports that receive charter flights from abroad during the summer months. Astypalaia, Kasos, Kasetlorizo, and Leros have national airports as well. 

Ferry routes: 

The Dodecanese islands can be reached from the Greek mainland port of Piraeus, from Turkey, the island of Crete, and the Cyclades Islands. 

There are also ferry routes from Piraeus to Astypalea and Patmos. 

Weather: Rhodes has around 300 days of sunshine per year, but the other islands may somehow be unpredictable with rain and low temperatures during winter. It is more likely to rain after October, so the best time to consider chartering a yacht is from April until September.