Zante, Greece

Rent a boat in Zante, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a boat in Zante, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a boat in Zante is the ideal way to explore the long sandy beaches and secluded coves at the tip of the ionian Sea. With a coastline of 123 kilometers long, any moment you can drop anchor and enjoy the stunning architecture, chic bars and restaurants within the beautiful countryside. Zante has several picturesque marinas where you can find the ideal catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht or speedboat of your choice. You can directly contact the owners for the ideal boat or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper, or without if you have a license, and enjoy a one-day cruise to Marathonisi island or the shipwreck beach of Navagio. With the option to rent a motorboat you can tour the beaches you desire with ease. You can also hire a catamaran to throw a party, family reunion events or a romantic couple trip. Finally, you can hire a luxury sailboat and visit the neighbouring islands of Zante which include Kefalonia, Ithaca and Lefkada for the most adventurous experiences.

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Boats in Zante

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 Zante is the third largest island in the eastern part of the Ionian sea and was among the first Greek islands in Europe to open to tourism. The island of Zante was also called the Flower of the East or ‘Fioro di Levante’ by the Venetians, the cultural influence has shaped the traditional spirit of Zante, today you can try some excellent wine varieties that were famous since the venetian times. The historical ruling of the Venetians is also clearly shown from the impressive architecture, Byzantine buildings, museums and traditional Piazzas. With beautiful verdant vegetation and lively springs, Zante has covered mountains with pine trees, offers pleasant walks within a wild beauty and thousands of mysteries waiting to be revealed by all types of adventurers. The town of Zante is the capital and main harbor on the east side of the island and was once governed by the Venetian Castle. For some beautiful sightseeing you can stroll around Solomos Square or catch a spectacular view in the village of Bohali where you can admire the Ionian Sea. This whole district has a magical setting at night and is surrounded by whitewashed houses and bougainvillea in blooming hills. On the northern side of the island, the village of Volimes has scenic views, you can even spot the island of Kefalonia. Olive groves, vineyards and rich agricultural products can be found on this side of the island. Some natural beauties you can enjoy during your boating holiday in Zante include, the isle of Agios Sostis in the bay of Laganas, the isle of Marathonisi which is filled with marine life, the famous Shipwreck Beach which took its name from a ship transporting illegal cigarettes back in 1983 ( also left ashore in the same position today by sailing in poor weather!) and the Stone park of Askos which is a wildlife reserve filled with flora, fauna and is an area of habitation for animals. To simply avoid the crowds and spend other ways for an exciting adventure, select your favourite yacht for your group and go for an authentic island experience in the Ionian Sea, you will notice a lot of super yachts in the beaches and seaside towns also searching for days of escape.

Boat rentals in Zante usually depart from the main port and town, allowing you to visit the shipwreck beach and the blue caves on a full-day cruise. The shipwreck beach is roughly 40 minutes away and a just over an hour from the port of Tsilivi. Whichever starting point you select you will be able to explore impressive beaches and rocky caves on the southwest part of Zante. Some great beaches for a stop worth mentioning include St. Andrews Beach, Sr.Nikolas and Xigia Beach recognized with its ancient roman thermal spa.

Some other great secluded beaches great for swimming and snorkeling are Lithari and Makris Gialos which are best accessed by sea. With your motorboat or speedboat, you can also make a stop at the famous Blue Caves of Zante which you can enter and witness some beautiful colors from the deep waters. Alternatively, you can sail towards the white beach of Turtle Island also known as Marathonisi island where you can spot caretta-caretta turtles as well as seals and dolphins. Perhaps hiring a boat with a skipper in Zante will be best in this case as they know the area well and can spot those beautiful marine animals with a sharp eye as they hoist the sail with a steady hand. Since it is situated in the Gulf of Laganas, the small island can make a great day or two-day cruise. There are almost no people so you will feel like you are in complete isolation away from all the crowds. Some great stops during your private boat cruise include Keri Lake resort for lunch, your trip can even continue where you can explore the Cave of Poseidon making stops to Kampi and Porto Vromi on the way. For some sightseeing you will be able to spot the Venetian WatchTower and even make stops to the harbor villages of Mikro Nisi and Agios Nikolaos, a lot of boat trips also run from here to the blue caves or the neighbouring island of Kefalonia.

For a more intense island cruise where you will get to explore many more destinations, heading to Kefalonia you will come across many untouched traditional villages such as Fiskardo and lush greenery everywhere, with some spectacular beaches that tops the charts in the Ionian, some of which include Xi and Myrto Beach. You can also head to the village and harbour of Frikes in Ithaca which has a superb beach and some great taverns and restaurants ashore. From Itahca you can easily make stops to Sivota, Skorpios, Spartochori, Atoko and Tsilivi which are all close to each other and ideal for those seeking an oasis of peace in the Ionian Sea. Your island hopping experience would be complete if you sail towards Lefkada and then Corfu which are connected to the mainland and offer a beautiful seaside resort with sheer cliffs, top beaches with turquoise waters, traditional villages with a cosmopolitan touch and a vibrant lifestyle that has continuously brought visitors Internationally.

Marinas and Airports:

Zakynthos Marina: Has a capacity of 150 berths and is the main harbor of the island. Filled with entertainment centers, shops, boat stores and restaurants.

Agios Sostis Marina: a picturesque marina offering boat rentals for all types of yachts. A great starting point for your trips in turtle island, Cameo island or even Navagio.

 Keri, Alykes are not main ports but you can safely moor your boat here during your cruise

Zante has an International airport with charter flights from various European countries. If you start from Athens your flight would take 45 minutes to one hour.

There are ferry routes from Agios nikolaos port in Volimes with Passada harbour in Kefalonia.