Zakynthos, Greece

Rent a Sailboat in Zakynthos, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a Sailboat in Zakynthos, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a sailboat is an excellent way to explore Zakynthos and the hidden beauty of the Ionian Islands. Zakynthos is the southernmost Ionian Island and the third-largest in size and population. Thanks to its strategic position in the Ionian complex, facing opposite the Peloponnese coast, a private yacht in Zakynthos will offer visitors an unforgettable and unique vacation. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels for the ideal boat or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat with a captain or without one in case you have a license, and enjoy a multi-day adventure around the Ionian Islands. Zakynthos is ideal for both family holidays and friends seeking day excursions by the sea. The beaches, the shops, and the intense nightlife, all satisfy the demands of travelers. Moreover, the island is a popular destination for young people, by renting a sailboat with your group of 4 or 6, you can enjoy a budget-friendly tour that can last up to 8 or 12 hours.

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Sailboats in Zakynthos

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According to Homer, the son of Dardanos, king of Troy was the founder of Zakynthos Island.  Leaving the city of Psofida with his fleet, he arrived at the island and founded its citadel.  Zakynthos remained neutral during the Persian Wars, and it was when the Romans realized that Zakynthos is a strategic point for the development of trade and the expansion of their conquests that they claimed control over it. From 1492, the government of Venice initiated a campaign aimed at moving many of its nationals to the province of Zakynthos. In less than three centuries, the Venetian rule flourished and was known as the “Florence of Greece.  After the second world war, in 1953, the island suffered a terrible blow: an earthquake that demolished the entire city.  Thanks to the help of the government and the will of the residents, the city was gradually rebuilt and from practically nothing being left, it became one of the first Greek islands to open to tourism. 

Before you begin sailing in Zakynthos, you might like to visit several ruins and historical sites. The town of Zakynthos is the capital and main harbor on the east side of the island and was once governed by the Venetian Castle. You can also visit the bridge of Argassi, built in 1800. Half of it rests on the sand while the other half is submerged in the sea, it is an important icon in Zakynthos. You will find some of the most famous beaches of Greece in Zakynthos. These include Navagio, Laganas, and Volimes with the Blue Caves. You can rent a sailboat, with or without a skipper, and tour the beaches of the island that are difficult to access by car or on foot. If you want to extend your sailing itinerary in Zakynthos for two or three days, you can visit Kefalonia or nearby seaside destinations such as Kyllini and Katakolo.

With your sailboat charter in Zakynthos, you can also head to the village and harbor of Frikes in Ithaca, which has a superb beach and some great taverns and restaurants ashore. From Ithaca, you can easily make stops to Sivota, Skorpios, Spartochori, Atoko, and Tsilivi which are all close to each other and ideal for those seeking an oasis of peace in the Ionian Sea. Your Zakynthos sailing charter would be complete if you head towards Lefkada and then Corfu. Both islands are connected to the mainland and offer a beautiful seaside resort with sheer cliffs, top beaches with turquoise waters, traditional villages with a cosmopolitan touch, and a vibrant lifestyle that has continuously brought visitors Internationally.

Below you will find some useful information for your sailboat rentals in Zakynthos.

Zakynthos Marina Has a capacity of 150 berths and is the main harbor of the island. Filled with entertainment centers, shops, boat stores, and restaurants.

Agios Sostis Marina:  a picturesque marina offering boat rentals for all types of yachts. A great starting point for your trips to turtle island, Cameo island, or even Navagio.

 Keri, Alykes are not main ports, but you can safely moor your boat here during your cruise.

Zakynthos has an International airport with charter flights from various European countries. If you start from Athens, your flight would take 45 minutes to one hour.

There are ferry routes from Agios Nikolaos port in Volimes with Passada harbor in Kefalonia.