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Hiring a boat in Igoumenitsa is an excellent way to explore the hidden beauty of western Greece. Located in the prefecture of Thesprotia and with the third-largest port in Greece, you have the opportunity to enjoy a private boat charter for an unforgettable vacation. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels for the ideal catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht or speedboat of your choice. You can also allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some hand-picked suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper, or without if you own a license, and enjoy a one-day cruise to Corfu. You also have the option to rent a motorboat and tour various beaches you desire in a short amount of time or cruise the wonderful coast of Sivota on a half-day trip. With the option to book a catamaran you will have plenty of space for fun, comfort, and luxury and you will be able to impress your guests with a corporate charter. Finally, you can hire a luxury yacht or sailboat and visit multiple destinations for as many days as you please.

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Boats in Igoumenitsa

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Igoumenitsa is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, nearby the island of Corfu. It is a rather interesting city to visit since it is surrounded by pine hills and a gorgeous seaside road. Igoumenitsa experienced rapid development, but you can still see the remnants of the original fishing village. As a key economic point in Greece, the main ports included in its premises continue to accommodate travelers worldwide. It links by boat with Brindisi, Ancona, Venice, Bari, and Trieste in Italy. Also, it has a direct route with Avlona in Albania and Corfu and Paxos in Greece, where many daily excursions by boat are organized. There are several activities to enjoy and explore in this beautiful coastal city, First, you should know that many people come here for the local shopping venues. Authentic handmade objects can be easily discovered all over Igoumenitsa. You can admire a panoramic view of the Kalamas valley by strolling around mount Mavronoro. On this route, you can discover the ancient Monastery of Ragiou and the stone bridge of Goumani. Pay close attention to the archaeological site of Gitani, dating back to the Hellenistic period.  From Igoumenitsa, you can easily reach the Castle of Doliani. It dates back to the Classical area, and it reveals some interesting Greek remnants. Finally, once you have completed your sightseeing in this wonderful seaside town, a boat rental trip in Igoumenitsa will offer you the perfect gateway to Northern Greece.

The top beaches in Igoumenitsa are Bella Vraka Beach, Mega Ammos Beach, and Zeri Beach. With a catamaran or speedboat, you can explore its waters in a unique way. Fishing, sightseeing, or admiring marine fauna are all achievable by renting a boat in Igoumenitsa. For the perfect day cruise, you can hire a sailboat with a skipper and explore the coasts of Sivota.

The main street stretches along the coastal zone, which is an excellent opportunity for admiring traditional buildings and restaurants in between your sailing trip. The best part about Igoumenitsa is that almost all restaurants have an open terrace with an impressive view of the coast. Not too far from Igoumenitsa, you can explore Corfu, the Paxi islands and accede to your own sailing itinerary in the Ionian islands.

Below you will find some useful information for your boat rentals in Igoumenitsa:

 Port of Igoumenitsa: One of the most important ports in western Greece that serves about 1.5 million passengers per year. Great for day boat trips to Sivota and Parga. There is a free outdoor parking lot, ATMs, gas stations, and tourist services within the port zone.

The port is connected by bus services from Thessaloniki, Patras and Athens.

The port is connected by ferry Corfu, Paxi islands and Sami in Kefalonia.

The nearest Airport to Igoumenitsa is the airport of Ioannina, roughly 60 minutes from the port.