Corfu, Greece

Rent a boat in Corfu, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a boat in Corfu, Greece in a few minutes!


Hire a boat in Corfu, also known as Kerkyra and tour one of the largest islands in the Ionian complex. Corfu is known all over the world for its exotic beaches, caves and traditional tavernas along the coast, many of which are only accessible by boat. Corfu has an abundant set of marinas giving you the opportunity to pick the catamaran, sailboat or motor yacht of your choice. You can directly contact the owners or allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

Book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper or without if you have a license, and enjoy a one-day cruise along the unique coastline. Renting a motor boat in Corfu is ideal for shore excursions but also day trips to nearby islands due to the fast cruising speed they offer. You can visit Igoumenitsa, Sivota and the Paxi islands all in one day with your private group. You can hire a catamaran and visit the islands of Othonoi, Ereikoussa and Mathraki (also known as the Diapontia islands) which are great for swimming and snorkeling. Finally, hiring a sailboat will ensure you have a great vacation as you explore the rest of the Ionian islands including Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

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Boats in Corfu

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Corfu has a coastline crossing over 200km, a large international airport, a modern marina that can accommodate about 1400 yachts of all sizes and an old town which is a UNESCO world Heritage Site protected for centuries by the old Venetian fortress. Together with the tourism influx that borders the Adriatic Sea, Corfu has become a huge attraction in the charter map and many can now charter a yacht in Corfu to get a good glimpse of the island as they sail past the rest of the Ionian islands nearby. You can wander around the old town of Corfu, visit the largest square in the Balkans- Spiniada and Liston and entertain yourself with some of the best restaurants along the coast. You cannot miss the local Corfiot cuisine that has been influenced by the island’s 400 years long occupation by the Venetians. Some great dishes are served with lamb accompanied by ginger beer, also, don’t forget to make a great addition to your kitchen by purchasing olive oil at decent prices. If you want to take a break from leisurely sailing or are considering renting a boat just for the day and have much more time, then the northeast of the island is great for hiking, you can go through secret villages such as Perithia and suspend your time in the mountainous environment.

Renting a motorboat in Corfu is a great way to combine beach hopping and day trips to the nearby Paxi islands where you will leave with a tropical tan and beautiful memories. The corfu to Paxos day trip takes roughly an hour to reach the island as it is only 33 nautical miles away, giving you plenty of time to have fun. Corfu was struck by Neptune as far as the legend goes creating the impressive cliffs, the olive groves and the many secluded beaches that now characterize this unique couple ( Paxos and Antipaxos) that can only be approached by sea. Voutoumi is a must-see beach that sits on a protected bay and has its own beautiful cave.

There are so many things to do in Corfu, discovering the unique beaches at the west side which are generally sandier than the east including Paleokastritsa, Porto Timoni, Sidari beach and another 50 beaches to choose from that are only accessible by boat. The Vlacherna Monastery is one of the best images in Corfu and is situated close to Porto Trimoni beach which splits down the middle and is perfect for snorkeling.

Although Corfu is great for a day cruise, you can rent a boat in Corfu to explore the Diapontia islands. From Agni and Kalami to Garitsa bay, you will be able to visit the architectural masterpiece dedicated to the Goddess of Artemis. Docking into the many ports that fill the coast which have a variety of restaurants and bars you will also be able to visit Virgin Mary’s monastery where the view is simply superb. Many yachting enthusiasts also will love to go for a cruise into the Blue lagoon in Sivota bay where they can also have a unique view of the Royal palace as they finally get to partake in water-activities and relax at the beach. For those interested in combining water sport adventures, the Othoni shipwrecks, Barbaro Caves and the Poseidon Cave are great diving spots!

Renting a sailing boat in Corfu and planning a longer itinerary can take you to many neighboring islands and top destinations. You can go for excursions further south to Lefkas, Zakynthos and Kefalonia which are popular islands that each have unique bays that are nestled between its ports. For example, Igoumenitsa which is surrounded by hills and mountains has a pretty port available for docking, you can even make a stop to Preveza which is a picturesque town that is steeped in history with traditional taverns in every corner. Many Ionian sailing routes begin from Corfu or Lefkada and head to Parga which has a secluded bay sitting on a monolithic rock! Parga is 2 hours away from the Paxi islands and can mark the end of a great Ionian journey.


Marina Gouvia: has a large berthing capacity for 1400 yachts. Very well-maintained sowers, toilets and provisioning for all kinds of yachts with expert staff.

Petriti Corfu: a fishing harbor with excellent restaurants aside. Great for overnight moorings for motor boats and sailboats. Has a large variety of services for customers including water, electricity and overall offers good protection for most directions ( except the SW that can lead to a swell inside).

Port Lakka- Paxos: a beautiful village but the bay can get very busy during the high season since lots of yachts cross from Corfu to Lefkada. Shelter is good in most conditions but anchorage is perfect. Lots of great tavernas and restaurants with typical Greek cuisine.

Port Gaios- Paxos: the main harbor of the island of Paxos, during the high season it gets crammed with day trippers from Corfu. Shelter in the harbor is excellent in most conditions, the S part of the harbor can get a little uncomfortable due to strong winds however.

How to get to Corfu

From mainland Greece the easiest way to get to Corfu is by ferry from the port of Igoumenitsa in Epirus. The port of Igoumenitsa is located on the west coast of Greece, close to the border with Albania and 78km from the city of Ioannina. The drive from Igoumenitsa will take less than 2 hours.

If you are coming from northern Greece, the Egnatia motorway has significantly shortened the route and the trip Thessaloniki – Igoumenitsa lasts only 3 hours and the trip Ioannina – Igoumenitsa just 45 minutes.

The Intercity Ktel of Corfu connects the island to Athens (8 hours till Igoumenitsa) and Thessaloniki (6 hours) with daily schedules 2-3 times a day

Airport: The corfu International Airport Ioannis Kapodistrias is situated 4jm south of the center of the city. The flight lasts less than an hour from Athens and there are multiple flights. Other charter flights are available during the summer months (mainly from Germany and England)