Porto Heli, Greece

Rent a boat in Porto Heli, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a boat in Porto Heli, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a boat in Porto Heli is an excellent way to explore the hidden beauties of the Argolic Gulf. Porto Heli is a modern coastal town directly opposite the island of Spetses. It offers beautiful weather conditions, light winds, several sandy beaches, and numerous sheltered coves, making it a great yachting destination. Porto Heli has a beautiful natural harbor and a marina, where you can find the ideal catamaran, motor yacht, sailboat, or speedboat of your choice. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels for the ideal boat, or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.  

You have plenty of options: 

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper--or without one, if you have a license--and enjoy a one-day cruise to Spetses. You also have the option to rent a motorboat and tour various beaches and bays near Porto Heli, such as Kounoupi or Nikki beach. If you book a catamaran, you will have plenty of space for fun activities. You will also be able to impress your guests with a wedding anniversary or a family reunion. Finally, you can hire a luxury yacht and go island-hopping in the Argo-Saronic Islands.

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Boats in Porto Heli

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 Porto Heli is a summer resort town on the northeastern side of the Peloponnese. Porto Heli started to become a popular tourist destination during the 1980s, when large aristocratic families in Greece and tourists from all over the world grew their concentration of wealth. Today you will find many luxury resorts and villas, such as Amanzoe, whose starting nightly rates are in the four figures. The small hamlets of Costa, Ververontas, and Aghios Aimilianos are also playgrounds of the mega-rich and are primary summer retreats for Greeks. Visitors can participate in the annual celebrations that take place in Porto Heli. The International Festival, for example, supports art and culture, and the Naftiki Evdomada Marine Week is a sporting spectacle for water enthusiasts.  

 Near its natural harbor, tourists can stop to see the ruins of ancient sanctuaries from the sunken city of Halieis. Many ancient ruins date back to the late Neolithic Age, with temples dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. Other remains are from walls and towers that were used to protect the city. Porto Heli is also close to many historical sites, such as Epidaurus, Corinth, and Mycenae. Most importantly, thanks to its proximity to Athens and the Saronic Islands, it is an exclusive destination to rent a boat and enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation in Greece.

 A boat rental trip in Porto Heli will offer guests a quick stop to Spetses. If you want to make immediate stops around the beaches of Porto Heli, you can go to Nikki Beach, known for its breathtaking waters and mesmerizing scenery. Here, you will also swim next to famous hotel complexes for a next-level vibe. You might also like the small pebble beach of Kavouraki (3 km across Ververoda Bay). Five kilometers south of Porto Heli, you will find the beautiful beach of Chinitsa, which has been awarded with a blue flag, due to its cleanliness and turquoise waters. Agios Aimilianos, Golden beach, Korakia, and many other beaches in the Kounoupi area are fantastic cruising areas in Porto Heli. 

 By hiring a motor yacht or catamaran, you can still keep that sensation of luxury you would have if you were to book a high-end property or villa. The advantage is that not only you will be able to move away from the moneyed crowds and the bustle of the high season, but you can also spend a new day on a different island. Starting from Spetses, you can enjoy a two-day cruise to Hydra. Upon arriving at the port, you have the option to enjoy a delicious lunch at the taverna and go for a short walk around the town. From Hydra, you can either head to Poros or make your way back to Porto Heli or Athens. 

 Porto Heli sailing excursions can be combined with destinations in the Peloponnese. For a two-day excursion from Porto Heli, you can visit Spetses and then Nafplion, for example. You can head to the close beach of Karathonas or stop by the tourist resort of Tolo before you walk along the port Promenade of Nafplio. From Nafplio, you can continue to Epidaurus and complete a 5-day sailboat charter to Monemvasia. Finally, Porto Heli is a fantastic yachting destination, with a port that can accommodate a great number of vessels. The Argo-Saronic Islands are becoming very popular for summer holidays, if not the most popular for weekend breaks. Once you have decided to rent a boat in Porto Heli, take the time to plan the perfect itinerary. You can always contact a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some hand-picked vessels and direct you to an owner with a top itinerary around the islands.

Below you will find some useful information regarding your boat hire in Porto Heli. 


Porto Heli is 175 km away from Athens. It is accessible by driving from Corinth towards Epidaurus and Kranidi, finally reaching Porto Heli in less than 3 hours.

Marina Porto Heli: Situated in the protected bay of the Argolic Gulf. Can accommodate around 149 vessels and supply them with electricity and water.

Another option is to depart from Ermioni Marina, which is slightly larger than Porto Heli’s Marina.