Argosaronic, Greece

Rent a boat in the Argosaronic Islands, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a boat in the Argosaronic Islands, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a boat is the ideal way to enjoy both the islands in the Argo-Saronic Gulf and mainland Peloponnese. The Argo-Saronic Gulf takes pride in its historical and cultural highlights but also short sailing distances in Greece that one can create easy yet relaxing sailing routes. There are also many pebbled and secluded beaches followed by several picturesque marinas where you can pick the ideal sailboat, catamaran or motor yacht of your choice. You can directly contact the owners or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper, or without one if you have a license, and enjoy a one-day cruise to Aegina, Poros or Hydra from Athens. You also have the opportunity to hire a motorboat for a romantic sunset cruise or tour the beaches you desire more comfortably. You can book and hire a catamaran for family gatherings or corporate events on the island you desire. Finally, sailboat charters in Greece always offer an authentic island experience with longer cruising routes that can last as many days as you wish.

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Boats in the Argosaronic Islands

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The Argo-Saronic islands are located a short distance from Athens and consist of Aegina, Hydra, Agistri, Spetses, Salamina, Poros and Methana. These islands are known for their special architecture and ancient monuments that continuously attract visitors annually. The Saronic islands also have rocky and volcanic landscapes, Salamina is a mountainous island and Methana has walking trails leading to a sleeping volcano which gave the unique morphology of Calabria we know today as the island of Poros. You can join the cultural festivities in honour of the Great Naval Battle of Salamis, the Pistachio Festival of Aegina or the Armata Festival of Spetses when the merchant fleet of the locals defeated the fleet of Turkey in 1822. If you want to visit important archaeological sites or museums you can visit the Ancient Town of Paleochora in Aegina, the sanctuary of Poseidon in Poros, the mansion of Laskarina in Spetses (converted into a museum) and for the most preserved traditional settlement of Europe, the town of Hydra radiates with an authentic character. Aegina with its famous pistachio nuts and fine temples, Agistri with its crystalline waters, Hydra with its neoclassical and romantic aura and Spetses with the aristocratic allure will all take your breath away. Although the islands are not specifically known for their beaches compared to those in the Ionian or the Cyclades islands, the cultural and the pivotal role the Saronic Gulf has had in history along with the aesthetic perfection of the buildings, makes it easy to see why millions of visitors and charterers continuously visit them year by year.

Boat rentals in Athens offer multiple-day cruises to the Argo-Saronic islands. You can begin your sailing journey from the harbour of Piraeus which is 16.5 miles to the popular touristic destination of Aegina, or simply depart from any of the top marinas from the Attica region of Greece. Alternatively, You can rent a boat in Aegina from the harbour of Perdika and visit the isle of Moni which is recommended for its turquoise waters and pristine beaches. By hiring a speedboat in Aegina one can tour the beaches of Agia Marina, Aeginitissa, Klima and Marathonas. If you have decided to start from Athens, you can head to Aegina or Agistri for a two-day cruise. Organizing a boat trip to the island of Agistri you will pass by and swim in exotic beaches including Dragonera and Chalkiada which have charming coves surrounded by dense green vegetation.

A top destination for sailing enthusiasts includes the peninsula of Aponisos which offers a great anchorage spot where you can swim in a small bay that resembles a natural swimming pool. From here set sail to Poros for the perfect three island cruise in Greece.

You can rent a boat in Poros and cruise the beautiful beaches of Poros in Love Bay. Poros is an ideal destination for those who both want a quiet swim and enjoy the nightlife across the beach restaurants and ports. You can also tour the sandy beach of Askeli that has crystal clear waters and is great for family-based fun, or head to the village of Galatas where you can enjoy the beautiful waterfront of Poros. If you want to spend an overnight, the Russian Naval Base also known as the bay of Daskalio is a great choice as it is protected from all winds.Other great boat trips from Poros or intermediate stops you can add to your bucket list include visiting the Tselevinia islands which are inhabited islands(Skylli and Spathi) between Hydra and Poros. By circumnavigating Poros you will always have the remarkable historic clock tower on your sight, once you raise sail you can start heading back to the island of Aegina or continue to Hydra which holds the emblematic symbol of Greece, this will mark an ideal 4-day charter experience.

Hydra has no motorized vehicles making it a perfect yachting ground for many sailors. For a day tour in Hydra, you can head to the island of Dokos on the southern coast of the Peloponnese. The Island has very few residents so will ensure a relaxing getaway as you get to dive around the most ancient shipwreck in the world (3rd millennium Bc).

 The beautiful bay of Skinos is a great anchorage for many sailboats and catamarans, also you can eat at the tavern by the bay. Agios Nikolaos, Avlakia, Bisti, Kaoumithi and Liminioza are all wonderful pebbled beaches you can enjoy cruising in and stopping for a great swim. From the main town of Hydra, you can also visit Molos Beach which has crystal clear waters and offers great anchorage and overnight shelter. If you have limited time then we recommend Hydra, Poros and Aegina day cruises from Athens where you can jostle your position in the sea with your favorite motor yacht, otherwise head directly to Spetses which is 16 Nautical miles from the southwest of Hydra.

Spetses lies southeast of the Argo-Saroni Gulf. The beach of Zogeria is considered to be the most beautiful beach of the island of Spetses which you can visit with a luxury motorboat. Other beaches you can tour with a yacht include Agia Paraskevi and Agioi Anargyroi. For secluded pebbled beaches, you can head to Kouzounos or Xylokeriza on the south side which both have azure waters. If you are visiting Spetses, some charterers offer cruises to the cave of Bekiris which according to tradition was used by the locals of the island as a hiding spot during Ottoman occupation. Legend says that if you and your loved one drink water from the source inside the cave, you will have eternal love! Take this beautiful opportunity for a romantic day trip on the south-eastern part of the island. Island-hopping from Spetses gives you the option to sail to Porto Heli or Nafplio which have plenty of resorts and beaches, otherwise, if you missed out on Hydra take your chance to dock in the main harbour and start strolling the wonderful little town.

 For some of the most spectacular views of the Saronic Gulf, the old and charming settlement of Anitseo in Aegina or the temple of Zeus are must-visit spots. Opposite of the harbour of Poros you can visit the village of Galatas which is a large area with 30,000 lemon and orange trees offering panoramic views of the Argo-Saronic Gulf. Finally, the Prophet Ilias chapel offers fantastic views of Dorousa and its surrounding areas.

Below you will find some useful information for your boat rentals in the Argo-Saronic islands.

Port of Aegina: fantastic little harbour with lots of restaurants and offers good shelter for boats.

Agia Marina, Aegina: a great port with swimming and paddleboarding opportunities by the beach.

Perdika Marina, Aegina: a large marina with plenty of space for yachts to moor at.

Hydra Harbour: filled with colorful fishing boats and may get crowded in the summer. Crossed anchors are a common event on the weekends as it remains to be a favorite spot for yachts to tie in the main quay.

Mandraki ,Hydra: the bay is located ¾ mile east of Hydra. A great bay for a swim with taverns ashore and fairly sheltered except to northerly winds.

Agios Nikolaos, Hydra: A great bay with nice surroundings and great for a swim

Poros Harbour:  offers good shelter for yachts especially on the channel side of Poros, the Peloponnese side has shallow patches not ideal for some sailing vessels.

Ormos Daskalia, Poros: Offers good shelter from the prevailing winds and a pleasant scenery with green pines surrounding the bay.

Old Harbor at Baltiza, Spetses: great services and berthing facilities for all types of yachts. It has one of the most popular clubs at the old harbor which offers a veranda with a splendid view, a port that creates a painting of the many and traditional kaiki boats.

There is no airport in the Argo-Saronic islands. The closest Airport is the one from Athens( Eleftherios Venizelos) that receives domestic and international flights with daily ferries to the nearby islands.

Hydra: ferries depart from Piraeus port daily and takes approximately 2 hours with a high-speed vessel. Hydra is also connected to Poros, Spetses and the eastern Peloponnese by ferry.

Spetses: a regular ferry connection between Spetses and Athens. Ferries depart from Piraeus port and it takes roughly 3 hours with a high-speed vessel.

Aegina: Ferry takes you to Aegina in 30 minutes to an hour from Piraeus Port in Athens. Aegina is also connected with Methana in Peloponnese and Agistri with ferry.

Poros: ferry from Piraeus to Poros takes 3 hours. You can also reach Poros from Galatas, a port in Peloponnese.

Agistri: Athens to Agistri takes roughly 1 to 2 hours with a ferry.