Rent a Yacht in Turkey in a few minutes!

Rent a Yacht in Turkey in a few minutes!


Hiring a yacht is the ideal way to explore Turkey and its impressively long coastline. With a length that spans over 8.000 km long and is bordered by The Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Marmara Sea, you cannot miss the chance to enjoy a yacht charter in Turkey. Turkey has numerous well-equipped marinas, where you can easily find the ideal yacht of your choice. You can directly contact the owners for the ideal yacht or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions. 

You have plenty of options: 

You can book and hire a yacht with a skipper--or without one, if you own a license--and enjoy a one-day cruise along the Turkish Riviera. You can also rent a motor yacht and enjoy a half-day cruise with a small group and roam inaccessible beaches of Turkey. Finally, you can hire a luxury yacht or gullet for a week or two, taking your time to explore Göcek, Bodrum, Antalya, and many hidden gems within the Mediterranean Sea. 

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Yacht in Turkey

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 Turkey is a place full of adventures and beauty; from hot air balloons to ancient architecture, we can find everything here. It's popular among tourists all around the world who come for many different travel purposes. Some come to explore Turkish and Roman history and taste the traditional cuisine, while others come for adventures up the mountains or by the coast. Istanbul is a trans-continental metropolis featuring 2.500 years of history: the old Byzantine basilica Ayasofya, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar are worth visiting.  

 In central Anatolia, you can come across the capital of Turkey, Ankara, which exhibits a museum of civilizations, a 4.000-year-old Lion’s gate, fairy chimneys, and spectacular mosques. Besides sightseeing, this beautiful travel destination has two small towns well suited for yacht tourism and boat renting. Göcek is a small town situated in the district of Fethiye, and Bodrum is a city located in the heart of a peninsula on the Aegean coast. Both cities revolve around the sailor’s world. Göcek has fascinating geographical features, like coves, islands, and a breathtaking bay, making it well suited for a sailing adventure. Plus, the town of Göcek gives you the opportunity to visit many historical places nearby, including the Fethiye museum, Xanthos, Pinara, Telmessos, and Patara. Bodrum points back to its ancient self: the city of Halicarnassus that gives an amazing vibe of history and modern-day Turkey; The mausoleum of Halicarnassus is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; The fragments and ruins of the ancient city are scattered throughout making it a fascinating destination to visit and explore. Bodrum and Göcek may be prominent tourist destinations in Turkey, but Marmaris, Orhaniye, and Antalya are also ideal getaway spots to the Turquoise Coast. Nevertheless, with your private yacht charter in Turkey and the many vessels the BednBlue platform offers, you will most certainly have an unforgettable vacation with your family and friends.

 Turkey has many islands, pretty coves, blue-flagged beaches, and well-developed marinas, making it perfect for a yacht charter. A memorable day trip or an afternoon cruise would be ideally spent in Istanbul. Along the Bosphorus, you can sail toward the Black Sea and find both public and private beaches. To distance yourself from the fast-paced metropolitan beat of Istanbul, you can even make your way to the Dardanelles strait, a gateway to inland Anatolia. At the tip of Anatolia, you can extend your cruise and reach Izmir or Cesme. If you prefer, you can start your trip from Canakkale, on the southern coast of Dardanelles, which gives easy access to Gallipoli, a beautiful city but also a strategic peninsula during World War I, known as the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”. 

 If you are yachting in Turkey, you can’t miss the chance to explore Göcekand Bodrum. The location of Göcek has the privilege of being the deepest point in the Fethiye bay, while being sheltered by pine-clad mountains that enhance the look of the scenery as a whole. Göcek may be known for its 12 islands, but there is much more to that, by giving you ample places to explore and visit. The most popular islands in Göcek are the Yassica Islands, Gocek Island, Zeytin Island, Tersane Island, and Pig Island. Besides sailing in between these islands, you can make a stop to explore the rock tombs of the Lycian period as well as the ruins of the Byzantine monastery, near Tersane Island. There are also several beaches near Göcek town, such as the popular blue lagoon of Olu Deniz, Inlice beach, Göcek Island beaches, etc. Furthermore, the waterfront of the town is covered with various bars and restaurants, providing excellent food and leisure spots within the town. 

 Bodrum has long been a city of numerous passing vessels, with sailing experts and captains that plan yacht voyages across the Bodrum bay. For a luxury yacht charter in Turkey, look no further than Bodrum. Bodrum has many gulets available for those excited to enjoy an authentic island experience. It also has many islands nearby, such as Karaada island, full of nice healing springs within its cave. Even Cleopatra was claimed to be using those mineral-rich mud to enhance the beauty of her skin. Nevertheless, the island is soothing and ideal for a stop on a yacht charter in Turkey. Furthermore, along with the beach of Karaada, you can visit the other islands too, which include Orak Island, Kargi Island, Kizilada Island, etc. 

 As for the beaches, you see plenty of those in Bodrum too, like Fener beach, which is best suited for water sports. However, if you want to eat at one of the best fish restaurants on the peninsula, then you should visit the Gümüslük beach, as it has the best fresh fish restaurants. Lastly, if you wish to spend a calm and peaceful day at the beach, you should head toward Kadikalesi or Gumbet beach. Finally, Antalya is in southwestern Turkey. It’s very popular among many sailors who want to enjoy its long Mediterranean beaches. You cannot miss the chance to visit Konyaalti beach, a famous beach with plenty of opportunities for fun, as well as a proud holder of a Blue Flag. There is something for everyone when yachting in Turkey. Whether it's with a skipper or without one, a day cruise, or a week trip, you will always come back with beautiful memories.

Below you will find some useful information regarding your yacht charter in Turkey. 


Atakoy Marina, Istanbul: The first marina of Istanbul, awarded with 5 Golden Anchors. There is 24-hour security and perfect anchorage for all types of yachts. There is a restaurant, market, health and sports center, and outdoor parking (for 1200 cars) available, near the marina. 

Atakoy Marina is 7 km away from Ataturk International Airport. 

Ataturk International Airport receives flights from nearly 350 destinations, with over 200 million passengers yearly. 

Çanakkale Marina: A small marina on the western end of the Dardanelles with fuel, good provisioning, and all-around shelter for yachts. 

Canakkale Marina is 2.2 km away from The Canakkale Airport 

Port village Göcek/Marinturk: It’s 5 minutes from the town of Mugla in the Fethiye district. This port offers all kinds of facilities for private yacht charters and has maintenance-repair services. There are another 5 marinas in Gocek, all offering over 150 berths for yachts and perfect accommodations. 

Göcek Village port is 20 minutes from the International Dalaman Airport. 

Ece Marina, Fethiye: A luxury marina, famous for day trips to the Blue lagoon or a 12-island boat trip. It offers a capacity of 460 berths and is open year-round with showers, toilets, electricity, and water supplies. Guests can also spend their day at the resort of Ece Saray, which offers world-class treatments, sports, massages, and a sauna is also available. 

Ece Marina is 45 minutes away from the Dalaman Airport. 

Yes Marina, Fethiye/Mugla:  Lies in the southwest corner of Fethiye Bay and has a jetty that can moor up to 30 yachts. There is a restaurant and café bar nearby. To reach the town center, you can either take the bus or walk for 15-20 minutes. 

Marti Marina, Marmaris: Offers a berthing capacity of 380 yachts and all sorts of provisions are available. There is 24-hour security and a year-round shelter. Perfect for day trips to Orhaniye. 

Yalikavak Marina, Bodrum: Has a capacity of 620 berths with 24-hour security and assistance. It provides parking, supermarket, clinic & pharmacy, laundry services, shopping malls, restaurants, and nightclubs within a close distance. A top marina in Turkey; very well equipped to accommodate the most prestigious yachts. 

Setur Antalya Marina: Located 10 km away from the center of Antalya city, offering a berthing capacity of 235 yachts. All kinds of provisions are found here, including a restaurant, bar, and market within the marina grounds. 

Setur Antalya Marina is 30 km away from the Antalya International Airport. 

There are many ferry routes from One side of Turkey to the other. There are also many ferry routes from Greek islands to Turkey. Some of the most popular ones are Lesvos to Turkey and Rhodes to Turkey.