Hvar, Croatia

Rent a Catamaran in Hvar, Croatia in a few minutes!

Rent a Catamaran in Hvar, Croatia in a few minutes!


Hiring a catamaran is an excellent way to explore the hidden beauties of Hvar, in Croatia. Hvar is the sunniest island of Croatia and the epitome of the Mediterranean dream. Filled with amazing sandy beaches, picturesque bays, and wonderful seaside restaurants, the Adriatic Sea is flanked by nothing but beauty. Hvar has several picturesque marinas and is one of the many islands in Croatia where you can easily find the ideal catamaran of your choice. You can directly contact the owners for the ideal catamaran or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a catamaran with a skipper--or without one, if you have a license--and enjoy a one-day cruise to the Pakleni islands. With a catamaran rental, you will have plenty of space to throw a party, enjoy a sunset cruise, or celebrate a wedding anniversary onboard. Finally, you can hire a luxury catamaran and go island-hopping in Croatia to create lifetime experiences.

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Catamaran in Hvar

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Hvar is an ancient city where each visitor will experience a sense of serenity and magic that is only found in quaint places with a rich history. When you walk past the monuments in the main town of Hvar, including Fortica Fortress, Hvar Cathedral, theatre, Arsenal, and Franciscan monastery, you will stare at the city’s history through its stones and constructions. On the other hand,   Hvar is also the hub of several beaches that lie in proximity to many Mediterranean plants. Holiday makers can bask in the sun, on the coast, and explore the bays situated nearby. You must check out the island chain Pakleni Otoci (Pakleni islands) to create some beautiful memories. You will find several Hvar restaurants and inns, which will acquaint you with several local dishes, such as fresh fish topped with homemade olive oil as well as delicious wines, sourced from one of the island’s vineyards. An outdoorsy individual will find a lot to do here, like sea-kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving, which will definitely compose an exhilarating experience. There are several tours and activities that one can choose from in Hvar. You can either opt for half-day or full-day tours; each of them originates at the port of Hvar and take tourists on refreshing boat rides. For a wine enthusiast, the wine-tasting tours that popular Hvar winemakers offer would create a blissful experience. When you have had your fair share of historical input and sight-seeing in Hvar, you and your group will be ready for an exciting trip in Hvar, with your favorite catamaran you have selected from the BednBlue platform.

 With a catamaran cruise in Hvar, you can visit a new bay and a beach each day. Selecting a boat will make your holiday ten times better. If you are looking for some of the best beaches in Hvar town, we recommend heading to the Pakleni Islands for a one-day cruise. On the Island’s southwest side, there are fine gravel beaches, close to the village of Ivan Dolac, Zavala, and Milna. When you are here, you can begin your day with a visit to the Green and Blue caves. The next step involves visiting a scenic inlet known as Stiniva. You can either go for a swim here or just sunbathe, in complete isolation. Then, visit the Blue Cave; the color of the cave can be traced back to the sunlight that enters the cave from a gap in the roof, which the sand reflects back to create a silvery-blue hue. Visit the Green Cave first, where you can have a swim and take in the emerald show in all its glory. This cave is commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful phenomena in the world. There is also the Green Lagoon, situated on the Southside of Hvar; you can go for a nice swim before you sunbathe on Dubovica pebble bay. If you want your adrenaline to pump further, cliff jumping in Zarače is an activity you must watch out for. Then, snorkel around Red Rocks for a fun experience with a catamaran of your choice. You can grab a bite at any of the amazing restaurants, at Palmižana sandy bay.

 A catamaran cruise from Hvar can take you to the Island of Vis, which is a charming place to explore before going to the Paklinski Islands. This is a perfect way to make a 2-day or 3-day charter experience. Vinogradišce, at Palmižana, is the popular bay of the archipelago, where you can enjoy seafood at one of the sea-facing restaurants. A lot of catamarans that depart from Split often include Hvar in their itinerary. All types of vessels come here, where they can explore new natural beauties and immerse in a different cultural heritage. This beautiful island is commonly referred to as the Monaco of Croatia. Take your chance to create your own week itineraries or one-day trips. A few nearby islands worth mentioning include Komiza, Milna, as well as the surrounding islands of Split, such as Brac, Solta, and Trogir.

Below you will find some useful information about marinas, ports, and airports for your catamaran hire in Hvar:


Marina Palimzana: There are 180 berths in this marina with a maximum vessel length of 40m. The marina opens from April to the end of October and is located on the largest island of Pakleni, on the north-eastern coast of St. Clement. It’s a great marina for exploring secluded beaches and coves.

This marina is roughly 35 minutes from the airport and main town of Hvar. Going on a boat trip with a speedboat will allow you to anchor here in a short amount of time.

Hvar Port: Around 100m from the main town of Hvar and filled with yachts. Since it is such a popular anchorage, you may want to relocate your boat to Palmizana Marina. This harbor is generally well protected from the northern winds.

ACI Vrboska: The marina of Vrboska is located on the north coast of the island and is filled with beautiful beaches, coves, and dense pine forest in a narrow-like fjord. It occupies a berthing capacity of 119 vessels at a maximum length of 35m, and it generally provides great protection from all the winds.

The airport of Hvar is approximately 5.1km away from Vrboska Marina (10 min by car).

Stari Grad Port, Faros: Situated on the NW coast of Hvar; is the oldest settlement of the island. The port offers protection from all the winds except W and NW, which can be relatively dangerous if you do not anchor well. There are about 60 mooring spots with water and electricity supplies for all yachts. Some facilities you can access from the port include a bank, pharmacy, hotel, supermarket, and numerous bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Hvar Airport is approximately 10 min from Stari Grad.

Port Vis:  This port is around 9 miles SW of the Pakleni Islands. Visiting yachts tend to anchor here from daily trips in Split or Hvar. The island of Vis is where you can visit the Blue Cave, as well as the beach of Stiniva--voted as one of the best in Europe.

Vis is also connected to Split, Milna, and Hvar town, by ferry. The distance between Hvar and Vis is roughly 24km.

Some other airports you can choose from in Croatia include the one in Dubrovnik, Split, and Brac. Many tourists and charters create week-long itineraries and almost always include Hvar in their bucket list