Krk, Croatia

Rent a boat in Krk, Croatia in a few minutes!

Rent a boat in Krk, Croatia in a few minutes!


Hiring a boat is the ideal way to explore the hidden beauty of Krk. This Croatian island is located on the southern side of Rijeka and has various beaches, bays and picturesque villages where you can experience a one-of-a-kind vacation. Krk has an abundant set of marinas where you can find the ideal catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht or speedboat of your choice. You can directly contact the owners of the vessel or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper, or without if you have a license and enjoy a one-day trip along the unique coastline. With a motor boat you can tour various beaches in a short amount of time or visit neighbouring islands such as Cres, Losinj and Rab in comfort and luxury. You also have the option to book a catamaran, they have plenty of space for fun, swimming and snorkeling or even throwing a party. Finally, you can hire a luxury yacht where you will have plenty of time to combine adventure and travel, seizing the opportunity to visit islands nearby for as many days as you wish.

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Boats in Krk

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Krk is the largest island in the north-eastern part of Croatia, if you want to sail on your holiday, look no further than this beautiful destination. With an area exceeding 400sq km and sitting in the bay of Rijecki Zaljev, Krk is linked to several great places with a bridge linking to the Rijeka International Airport as well as the mainland. Krk has a rich history dating back from the Bronze Age and in the early part of the 12th century Krk was succeeded from noble Croatian families, the remains of thermal backs makes it evident that the island was also part of the Roman Empire. In 1480, Venetians took control of the mainland where it was interrupted by Austrian followed by Napleonic rule until 1813. Today Krk serves as a major tourist hub in Croatia and attracts people from all over the world who want to visit the town and observe the magnificent energy rushed from the modern age. Some great sights to visit in this busy island are Malinska famed for its quality Croatian specialties, Baška and Vrbnik known for the top beaches, Krk’s harbor which serves as a center of entertainment offering great summer nights and boats bobbing up and down the waterfront, and for the most curious explorer one can visit St.Mary’s Cathedral as well as the Frankopan castle which was used to protect the island from sea attacks back in the early days. If you are committed to sailing the Adriatic Sea, Krk is often overlooked as a destination but will certainly ensure you have a great vacation in Croatia.

Boat hire in Krk will allow you to visit multiple exotic sceneries, whether you are enjoying the perfect climate on a beach or strolling through a picturesque village. A village situated on the southern part of Krk, Stara Baška is 2 km long and boasts of a few serene beaches. Interestingly, the village can be found sitting on a steep slope. The beach Zala is situated at the edge of the coast and is home of St. John’s church’s ruins. It is located in an open cove with the same name, and the wind Bora is blocked by the hills, while the hilltop Klobučac acts as a blockage against the wind Jugo so you will have no problem anchoring your motor boat for moments of relaxation. There is a small harbor situated at the end of the village, which protects the boats of its locals as well as those of sailors and tourists. Krk generally has many steep barren cliffs that run 250–300 m high but has many private beaches and scenic bays. The bay of Zavratnica resembles Mini-Norwegian fjords and holds the remnants of a ship that sank in 1944 and is a major tourist attraction. Some other beaches you can add to your tours include Velo čelo near Punat, Vela Luka near Baška and the variety of beaches in Malinska that attracts families and even the most free naturists who are looking for some stress-free time together.

You can also rent a boat in Punat, a good starting point for your excursions where you can combine your excursions with other islands in Kvarner Gulf. There are old port towns situated in the islands of Losinj, Krk, Cres, and Rab, which have beautiful coastlines that have remote coves, making them ideal swimming spots. A lot of charterers offer trips to Cres, locals love to dock their sailboat in isolated beaches on the island where they can relax in cobalt blue waters. In Lopar, Rajska (Paradise) beach is the most popular and the largest beach, and it is 2 kilometers long. It is a tourist attraction in the area and is a proud recipient of the Blue flag for its water quality, safety, and the preservation of natural surroundings. In fact, it is one of CNN’s Top 100 world beaches. You can play beach volleyball, participate in parasailing, and attend fun beach parties or simply enjoy the perfect sunset cruise with your private catamaran. An island called Sveti Grgur is located between Rab and Krk. It is located close to 7 km away from the mainland and is uninhabited. Since it is about 1 km away from the village of Lopur you can take your time and even spend an overnight in complete solitude. You can even go island hopping in Krk, select your favourite yacht and tour the islands of your choice in Kvarner Bay. Pag island, the Kornati islands and the coast extending from Rijeka to Pula are some choices you may want to add during your sailing holidays.

Below you will find some useful information of marinas and airports for your boating holiday in Krk.

Krk Harbor: A great harbor and starting pointing for your trips to Losinj and Cres. Has repair services for boats and many shops and restaurants nearby. Located less than 1km away from the main town where you can stroll through narrow streets and admire picturesque courtyards, churches and fine architecture.

Marina Punat: The oldest marina in Croatia, constantly being improved for boat rentals. The marina occupies 800 berths in a protected bay and is well-equipped with direct access to water and electricity supply. This marina is only 9 km away from the main town of Krk, taking roughly 15 min to go there by car.

Krk’s Airport is located 30km away from Marina Punat.

Marina Malinska: On the northern side of Krk, boats from Opatija and Cres tend to dock here. Has 50 laid moorings with water and electricity supplies. Rupa beach is in the centre of Malinska and has won the international award for its impressively clean waters.

Krk’s Airport is roughly 13.2km away from Marina Malinska, approximately a 20min drive.

Rijeka’s Airport is about 15.4km away from Marina Malinska. There are several ferry routes connecting Krk and Rijeka if you have chosen to fly directly to Rijeka.

Marina Jadranovo: A berthing capacity of about 100 vessels for up to 18m. Crikvenica Beach is near the marina ( about 9km) and brings many tourists as it is family-friendly with lots of shade.

Marina Jadranovo is roughly 12km from the Rijeka Airport.

You can also book a flight to Zagreb international Airport and take a bus or car to Rijeka which will take roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Krk is also connected to Cres, Rab and Lopar by Ferry.