Euboea, Greece

Rent a sailboat in Euboea, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a sailboat in Euboea, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a sailboat is an excellent way to explore the hidden beauties of Euboea, a hidden gem in central Greece. An exceptional destination, washed by the Aegean Sea, with countless wild coves and paradisiacal bays. Euboea has an 800 km long coastline, with endless sandy and pebble beaches that are best discovered with a private cruise. You can easily find the ideal sailboat of your choice from any marina or harbor in Euboea. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels, or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions. 


You have plenty of options: 


You can book and hire a sailboat with a skipper--or without one, if you own a license--and enjoy a one-day cruise to Lihadonisia or Skyros. You also have the option to rent a sailboat and enjoy a two-day cruise to Kymi or Karystos. Finally, you can hire a luxury sailboat and go island-hopping in the Sporades or Cyclades islands for as many days as you wish.

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Sailboats in Euboea

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Euboea or Evia is the second-largest island in Greece after Crete, just an hour’s drive from Athens. There are about 12000 acres of natural forest and woodland, unaffected by mass tourism. With so many areas of natural beauty, this beautiful island surpasses all other Greek islands in diversity and offers an alternative kind of tourism. Before you begin sailing in Evia, we highly recommend you to explore several sights and villages and take in the exceptional magic this uncharted island has to offer.

According to mythology, the island is the birthplace of the Goddess Hera, who was raised on Mount Ochi by the nymph Makri. Today, mount Ochi stands at an elevation of 1386 meters and has one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Greece, known as the Dimosari Gorge. The gorge features chestnut trees, plane trees, uncountable flowers and animals, and ends up at Kallianos Beach. Dirfy is also a special place of ecological interest. Crossing the Agali Gorge in Dirfys is an amazing experience that cannot be missed. The waterfalls in Manikia are outside the homonymous village, offering a top hiking experience in an amazing natural environment. The route ends at a secret waterfall that is 25 m high and combines rivers, lakes, and steep cliffs.

The capital of Euboea is Chalkida, regarded as the city of “crazy waters.” The Greek mainland is connected to Chalkida by a big bridge that has a height of 90 m and a total length of 395 m. It is said that within the narrow strait of the Evripos bridge, there are changing water currents that go up and down in different phases. Chalkida, together with Eretria, is one of the most important city-states on the island. According to legends, they were involved in one of the first civil wars in antiquity. Along with the prominent cities of Chalkis and Eretria, the coastal town of Kymi and Styra will make you go back in time. Styra and Kymi both have ports, allowing visitors to be amused by the natural beauty of their beaches along the coast.

Below the impressive mountains, and beyond the traditional villages, you can rent a sailboat in Euboea and enjoy the spectacular scenery as you go. A sailing adventure in Evia is ideal for a refreshing swim during the hot summer months. With a coastline that spans about 800 km long, there are endless options to pick from. Just to mention a few: Agios Nikolaos, Eleonas, and Rovies are some beaches near the town of Edipsos. If you are tired of noisy and crowded beaches, you can enjoy a day cruise to Lichadonisia, which is a remote cluster of islands that are accessible from Edispsos or Kamena Vourla. If you are departing from the port of Kymi, we recommend you to visit Chiliadou. Here, you will notice steep cliffs connecting to turquoise waters, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Vythouri and Thapsa Beach are also excellent choices. They are both hidden gems that offer a secluded escape. Guests are also welcome to depart from Chalkida, Styra, or Karystos for a refreshing tour around Evia. Along the coast, you will find many quiet and protected beaches.

Thanks to its proximity to Athens, you may also enjoy a week cruise to the Sporades islands. Skyros, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skiathos are simply magical destinations. Similarly, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, and Kea are islands of the Cyclades complex that can also be visited from Euboea by renting a sailboat.

Below you will find some useful information for your sailboat rentals in Euboea.

Port of Chalkis/Vourkari: Offers water and power supply to boats. There is also Wi-Fi, car parking, and restaurants nearby.

Chalkida is roughly 88 km from Athens.

Port of Kymi: It is situated on the east side of the island and offers several mooring spots for all types of vessels.

There are ferries running from here to the island of Skyros in the Sporades.

Karystos Port: It is located on the southern part of Euboea and lies in a wide bay with a Venetian-style port. The port offers 40 berths for vessels and has tidal access 24/7. Marmari is another option in Karystos, but it is not that ideal for larger vessels. Both ports offer excursions between Euboea and the mainland and have a ferry link to Rafina with Athens.

Eritrea, Edipsos, and Styra (Agia Marina), have small marinas where you can depart for a boat trip in Evia.