Serifos, Greece

Rent a Catamaran in Serifos, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a Catamaran in Serifos, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a catamaran is an excellent way to explore the hidden beauties of Serifos and its unique coastline, which spans at a length of 80 km. Serifos seduces every visitor with its minimal charm and is blessed with more than 70 beautiful beaches that are waiting to be discovered by you with the catamaran of your choice. Serifos is not too far from Athens and has several picturesque marinas, where you can find the ideal catamaran that suits your style and budget. You can directly contact the owners for the ideal vessel or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions. 

You have plenty of options: 

You can book and hire a catamaran with a skipper--or without one, if you have a license--and explore the beaches of Livadi, Sikamia, Koutalas, and Megalo Livadi. You can also rent a catamaran and explore Kythnos or Sifnos on a one-day or two-day cruise. Finally, a catamaran charter in Serifos will allow you to throw a party, arrange a corporate charter, or celebrate a wedding anniversary for the most memorable experience.

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Catamaran in Serifos

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 Serifos is an island right between Kythnos and Sifnos and a favorite destination for thousands of cruisers who sail around the Greek Cyclades. On the east side, there are no roads for vehicles, and you will come across mesmerizing scenery just by taking your first steps in the settlement of Hora. This is the beautiful capital, perched above the hills with a panoramic view, defined by its two distinct parts: Pano and Kato Hora. The Square of the windmills and the imposing church of Evangelistria are found here and continue to be a symbol of the island’s long history. Although Hora is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in the Cyclades, there are several other places and sites worth visiting. According to Greek mythology, the cave of Cyclops is located in the village of Megalo Livadi. Here you can also find the old mines of Serifos, which gave prosperity to the island, during the Venetian Empire. The village of Galani is a mountainous settlement with lovely trails for walking enthusiasts, from which one can also admire the beautiful view of the Aegean.  

 The customs and traditions have been maintained in Serifos to this day, which is reflected in the festivals that take place throughout the year. From May to September you can partake in celebrations accompanied by good food, dancing, and music. It is also home to the mythical legend, Perseus, who returned with the head of Medusa and petrified the second king of Serifos, using her head. This beautiful island has rich contrasts, rocky, and just a few permanent residents. It is a destination that continues to leave everyone in awe. Once you have grasped the original charm of Serifos from the center to the hinterland, it is time for you to discover its majestic coastline. Serifos is known for its gusty winds, creating the ideal conditions for wind and kite surfing, and is blessed with 72 beaches that are waiting to be discovered using the catamaran of your choice. 

 The option to rent a catamaran in Serifos allows one to explore the hidden gems of the endless blue of the Aegean. With an almost round shape, formed from multiple bays and coves, renting a catamaran will allow you to visit the beaches you desire with ease. On your trip, you cannot miss visiting at least one of the three smaller nearby islets. Serifopoula is one of them and consists of a colony of Aegean-gulls that you can spot from the deck of your yacht. Be sure to include Agios Sostis, Livadakia, Sykamia, Ganema, or Psili Ammos on your bucket list, as you sail. Livadakia is a popular beach next to the port of Livadi with clean waters, tamarisk trees, and many facilities. Ganema is situated near Koutala bay, and is one of the biggest beaches of the island, known for its colored pebbles and golden sand. Finally, among the most popular beaches of Agios Sostis, which is halfway between Avlomonas and Psili Ammos, consist of two small coves that are well-protected from the winds. You might like to head up to the church of Agios Sostis, take pictures, and observe across the view of the islet of Vous. 

 A catamaran cruise in Serifos is the perfect opportunity for relaxation, tranquility, and serenity. You can arrive at the port of Livadi, which is a tourist resort with great nightlife, located in a picturesque bay. Hora and the settlement of Livadi have several tavernas and restaurants where you can taste the local specialties of Serifos. The dish called fava (made from peas and olive oil) and the cheese of xino mizithra accompanied by raki wine are some common appetizers that will boost your day. Nearly 15 minutes away by boat you can also reach Sifnos, where you can dedicate an entire day of fun, also known for its exquisite cuisine, numerous churches, and fringed with sandy beaches. Planning a catamaran excursion to Kyhnos is also an option. You can couple your trips with Serifos, Kythnos, and Kea returning back to Athens. You can also visit Milos and Kimolos for your sailing adventure. If you want to sail Greece on a budget, the BednBlue platform offers many sailboat charters and allows you to create an experience you never thought was possible.

Below you will find some useful information regarding your catamaran charter in Serifos:


Livadi: The only port of Serifos in the southeastern part of the island. It has great mooring for all kinds of vessels and is well-protected from the winds. There are also fishing boats and picturesque taverns nearby. 

There is no airport on the island of Serifos, but you can easily reach here from the Port of Piraeus by ferry or when island-hopping from Athens with a yacht. 

There are direct ferry routes from Serifos to Andros, Ios, Milos, Kythnos, Mykonos, Kimolos, Amorgos and Koufonisia.