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Hiring a boat is an excellent way to discover the hidden beauty of Samos, a well-known destination in Greece. Samos has numerous treasures in the Aegean Sea waiting to be explored with the yacht of your choice. Distinguished for its verdant vegetation, fragrant wine scents and wonderful beaches off the coast, you can have the experience of a lifetime. Samos has several marinas where you can easily find the ideal catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht or speedboat of your choice. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper, or without if you own a license and enjoy a one-day cruise to the nearby island of Samiopoula. You can also rent a motorboat to tour various beaches with ease, comfort and luxury. With the option to book a catamaran, you can throw a birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party or celebrate a business promotional event. Finally, you can charter a luxury sailboat or traditional yacht to visit the nearby islands of Fournoi, Ikaria and Turkey to create lifetime memories.

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Boats in Samos

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Samos is situated right across Ikaria and not too far from the Turkish coast and is part of the North-eastern Aegean islands. Samos is historically significant in Greece and was an important maritime center because of its strategic location. In ancient times Samos was known for its wines and ceramics, which were widely exported. The island was the birthplace of legendary Hera, the Greek philosopher Epicurus and the mathematician Pythagoras were also born here. In 524 Bc the Evpanilos tunnel was constructed and stretches over 1,000 m deep underground, an engineering triumph confirming scientific brilliance in the earlier days. Today Samos is popular among various ages, from independent travelers, couples or families looking for an authentic Greek island experience. The main capital, Vathy features neoclassical mansions, red-tiled rooftops, a busy waterfront and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea from the hills above the port. It is worth visiting the Archaeological site of Heraion where you can see the temple of Hera and the cult sanctuary that connected the ancient city of Samos to a sacred path known as “Iero Odos'' during the geometric period. The Castle of Lycurgus at the harbor of Pythagorio, the cave of Pythagoras and the wine museum of Samos are other sites worth visiting before you begin your boat excursion. Once you have had your fair share of historical or cultural input of Samos, you have an exciting trip ahead with your selected boat for tranquil moments by the sea. With the blessed winds of the island one is meant to get lost but always return home with an experience of a lifetime.

Boat hire in Samos is an excellent opportunity to escape from the comings-and-goings you would experience in the mainland. Samos has wonderful beaches, some worth mentioning include Lemonakia, Psili Ammos, Kokkari, Potokaki and Karlovassi where you can easily access the waterfalls of Potami. With your catamaran or sailboat, you can cruise along the Mycale straits, passing by areas where the sea battles took place between Persia and Greece in 479 BC.  In fact, you can hike in Mount Kerkis, one of the highest mountains in all of the Greek islands and you will be able to observe the coasts of Karlovassi and Asia Minor. About 6km west from Karlovassi, an excursion to Megalo Seitani is highly recommended. Mikro and Megalo Seitani have clean waters and are integrated in the Natura 2000 protection network since they host Monachus Monachus seals. There is no road access here making it very suitable for yachts to drop anchor. A little further west on the island, the town of Drakei offers astonishing views from the slopes of Kerki.

Some other great beaches to add to your tours include Aspres, Avlakia and Kedros which have turquoise waters and are ideal for those looking for seclusion. Water sport and windsurfing fans will also have the ideal conditions in Pythagorion, Kambos and Kokkari beaches which have their own centers. Finally, any moment when sailing you can stop by beautiful villages with traditional architecture such as Marathokampos and Manolates. Samos is made up of dense forests, fertile plains which locals use to produce oil and wine and there are numerous trails for walking enthusiasts to enjoy peace and tranquility. The seaside village of Kokkari and the mountainous village of Platanos are ideal to enjoy the local Samian specialties, where you can taste crayfish with onions and peppers and tourlou (a dish made with potatoes and eggplants).

By renting a catamaran, sailboat or yacht one can also go on an adventure to the isle of Samiopoula. Samiopoula is only half a mile away from Samos with a pretty little bay known as Katsaka which is protected from the winds. Psalida has emerald waters and is the only beach with a fish tavern. For the most daring, a cruise to the Fournoi islands or a stop by Ikaria is a great alternative. The archipelago formed between Samos, Ikaria and Patmos consists of numerous rocky islets, with a skippered yacht charter an artless journey through the wild winds will be guaranteed. A boat trip from Samos to Turkey can also be organized. The cosmopolitan city of Kusadasi is known for its trade in leather and attracts thousands of tourists yearly who want to go on a shopping spree in the near markets. The best-known beach you cannot miss is Kustur beach named after women who were only allowed to bathe there in the Ottoman period. 20km from Kusadasi, Ephesus is an important economic and cultural center where you will find the most important monuments of Turkey. The Basilica of Saint John, the Temple of Adrianus and the Temple of Apollo are some sites you can encounter during your summer holidays.

Below you will find some useful information for your boat trip to Samos.

Marina Samos: Situated on the Southeast side of the island just 0.5 km from Pythargeio, with a berthing capacity of 280 vessels and can accommodate a length up to 50 m. Has all the necessary provisions and facilities for a boat excursion in Samos.

Marina Samos is roughly 3 km from the Airport.

Marina Marathokampos: Located on the Southwest side of the island and you can easily reach restaurants, cafés, shops from the marina.

Marina Marathokampos is roughly 31.9 km from the Airport.

Marina Karlovassi: Provides a secure berth of yachts and ferries. A great marina if you choose to go on a boat trip to Fournoi islands, Patmos or Ikaria. There is a capacity of 30 berths and nearby the marina you can enjoy eating at the many taverns.

Marina Karlovassi is roughly 36.7 km from the Airport of Samos.

Marina Vathi: Situated in the capital of Samos and just 15 km away from the Airport. You can visit the Archaeological or Byzantine museum of Samos from here. This Marina is also connected by ferry to the Cyclades islands, Patmos and Ikaria.