Ístria, Croatia

Rent a sailboat in Ístria, Croatia in a few minutes!

Rent a sailboat in Ístria, Croatia in a few minutes!


Charting a sailboat in Istria is the ideal way to explore the Adriatic Sea in Northern Croatia. With countless beaches, national parks, historical sights, and towns you will be able to create unique experiences that match your style, taste, and budget. There is an abundant set of marinas in Istria, followed by numerous anchorages and ports to moor your vessel. You will have no trouble finding the ideal sailboat of your choice. You can directly contact the owners for the ideal vessel or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat with a skipper, or without one, if you own a license, and enjoy a one-day cruise to the Rovinj islands. You can enjoy a full-day tour around the beaches of your choice along the Istrian coast. Finally, you can hire a luxury sailboat for a longer cruise and combine the islands around Kvarner Gulf with the Istrian Coast.

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Sailboats in Ístria

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 Istria is located in the Northern Adriatic area of Croatia and is bordered by Kvarner Bay to the east. Its coastline area spans over 2.600km in length and its position at the heart of the peninsula has pleasant conditions for both swimming and sailing. The authentic villages of Rabac, Rovinj, and Porec also boast a diverse array of outdoor activities both in water and on the mainland, making the perfect opportunity for a sailing holiday in Croatia.

 If you rent a sailboat in Istria you will have a great opportunity to visit Pula and the Rovinj Islands. You can also combine these trips with Kvarner Bay which consists of Cres, Krk, Opatija, Rabac, Pag, and Rab island.

 From Istria, you can head out to Rovinj or Pula to explore the Brijuni National Park along with a variety of little islands. The national park is really impressive, expect to see meadows, laurel and oak forests, lush parks, and rare plants, such as wild cucumbers or marine poppies. It’s a great adventure for families who want to get together for moments of relaxation and tranquility. You can also anchor at Cape Kamenjak, at the southern tip of Istria, which has crystal-clear beaches and opportunities for cliff diving. The archipelago is a truly stunning natural oasis. If you are renting a sailboat in Rovinj, many charterers will also offer trips to the Brijuni Islands; these comprise two large islands as well as twelve little islets. One of these islands is accessible to tourists and is uninhabited. Veli Brijun, the biggest one, is great for swimming and snorkeling too.

 Moving further from Pula, Opatija is a picturesque, laid-back small town that is always nice to visit. You can explore the gorgeous gardens before enjoying a luxurious evening meal with baroque classical music to serenade you. The island of Cres is not so far from Pula and the Istrian coast, and it might be large--compared to some others--but it is not so populated. This island is a great day trip in Istria, sailing past the evergreens and steep contours will promise a unique experience.

 For a weekly sailboat charter in Istria, rest assured there is plenty to see and do during this time. You might like to depart from Pula and head to Pomela’s Medula Bay. Next, you can sail toward Kvarner Bay and enjoy the stately houses, wild panoramic landscapes, and intact vegetation. Kvarner Bay is known in Italian as “Albona Porto”, and is often known as the pearl of Kvarner.

 Rabac is also a great starting point for your island-hopping trip. Situated southeast of Labin, this fishing port is protected by a dramatic coastline of picturesque soaring cliffs. There is plenty to do in the area. Ascend a mountainous passage to discover the old mining town of Labin. You can stroll around the town, enjoying the art studios and galleries or cultural centers. There are plenty of festivals in this area during the busier summer months, if you want to enjoy some live music. Another possibility is sailing from Opatija and between the islands of Krk and Cres. Opatija is one of the biggest and prettiest areas in the Adriatic region. You can then moor in the town of Punat. This little town is famed for its pretty bay opposite Kosljun Island and its entertaining environment. This fascinating Croatian town is southwest of Krk Island and very close to Cres. Explore the pretty pebble beaches, taverns and bars, pristine coastline, and hidden passages in the interlocking alleyways. Try local Croatian food or enjoy the folklore and traditional music of Krk, or even the fine art exhibits nearby, before heading over to Cres. Overall, your sailing trip in Istria can be crafted to your liking, by visiting many more destinations on your way, such as Zadar, Pag, and Rab.

Below we have some useful information about marina and airports for your sailboat charter in Istria:

Marinas and airports:

Port of Porec: Has a berthing capacity of 120 vessels with a depth of 3.5m and is situated in a well-protected bay.

ACI Marina Umag: offers a berthing capacity of 480 vessels for all types of yachts. The port is well-equipped, super-clean, with professional staff, Wi-Fi,  excellent water, and electricity supplies.

Marina Nautica port of Novigrad: A world-class port that can accommodate up to 365 boats with a maximum length of 50m.

Marina of Vrsar: can accommodate up to 200 berths with a length of 40m, and is located in a protected bay.

ACI Marina Pula: Offers a berthing capacity for 200 yachts and even Mega Yachts up to 40m long. A perfectly equipped marina, with all the services you need.
The International Airport of Pula is 6km from the city center and is 20 minutes to ACI Marina Pula, 42 minutes away from Rovinj.

ACI Marina Rovinj: one of the largest ports in Croatia, super clean and well-connected. One of the quays is stationed for large vessels, the other one is for yacht stationing and can accommodate up to 416 vessels altogether. 

Port of Rabac: offers great shelter from the northern and eastern winds and is a great starting point for your boating trip in Istra.

ACI Marina Opatija: The marina is well-connected to the whole of Europe by main roads and is situated just at the center of the Riviera. Protected from the strong ‘bura’ wind by Istria’s highest mountain Ucka, it also Offers 283 berths at a max length of 40m.

The Rijeka International Airport is 40 minutes away from Marina Opatija.

Marina Punat, Krk: holds a traditional regatta for sailboats each year since 1984. The marina certifies quality nautical services and is the best-equipped marina on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Offers 800 berths for boats up to 45m in length and makes every sailor feel at home.

ACI Marina Cres: Has been awarded the blue flag not only for its perfect quality of water but also for the environmental management that stands in the center of the island and attracts activists and nature lovers from all over the world. In 2011 it was awarded the best marina worldwide, out of marinas that have a capacity of over 450 berths. Mega Yachts up to 50m in length can also be accommodated in this capacious marina which has shower and toilet facilities, Wi-Fi access, fuel station, nautical equipment, and beach accessories. Daily charters depart from Cres to Krk for adventurous trips or to simply reach the mainland near Rijeka international airport.

There are also ferry routes from Pula to Losinj, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik. For those coming from Italy, take the ferry route from Venice to Pula.