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Hiring a boat is an excellent way to explore the hidden beauty of Lesvos and the 382 km long coastline. Lesvos is located between Chios and Limnos in Greece and has over 200 recorded beaches. Near the coasts, there are many islets, secluded coves and bays where you can dock your boat for a unique sailing experience. Lesvos has several picturesque marinas where you can easily find the ideal catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht or speedboat of your choice. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels for the ideal boat or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper, or without if you own a license, and enjoy a one-day cruise to Psara or Ayvalik. You also have the option to rent a motorboat, their fast cruising speed will allow you to tour various beaches you desire in a short amount of time. If you book a catamaran you can throw a party, enjoy a sunset cruise or celebrate a wedding anniversary. Finally, you can hire a luxury sailboat and sail the Aegean Sea for as many days as you wish.

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Boats in Lesbos

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Lesvos is a beautiful Greek island in the Northeast Aegean Sea, close to Turkey. Lesvos is the third largest island in Greece and is renowned for being the bird-watching capital of Europe. According to mythology, Lesvos took its name from the grandson of the god of the winds, Aeolus. Guests may be interested to go sightseeing before they rent a boat in Lesvos and take in the varied natural wealth of the island. As a member of UNESCO’S Global Geoparks Network with nearly 11 million olive trees and home to The Petrified Forest, you can have the ultimate escape. The Byzantine castle is one of the largest in the Mediterranean and sits in the main town of Mytilene, the capital of the island. Mytilene is an aristocratic town rich with monuments, churches and shops yet offers the perfect blend for tourists with its exciting nightlife and student-fuelled bars. With so many wonderful hiking trails, forests, and a wealth of attractions, you can combine your sightseeing with a boat rental trip in Lesvos and make your vacation here totally worthwhile.

Boat trips in Lesvos can start from Mytilene and begin discovering the unspoiled beaches off the coast. Below the castle of Mytilene, you can find the organized beach of Tsamakia, popular to many tourists with all sorts of amenities. With a speedboat you can enjoy a half-day cruise to the bay of Geras, known as a safe haven to many seafarers who sailed the Aegean Sea in the earlier days. This beautiful bay has a sandy cove known as Tsilia, ideal for moments of relaxation and tranquility. With a motorboat you can also tour the 7 km long coastline of Vatera, one of the most beautiful beaches in Lesvos with crystal clear waters. Here one can practise water sports and enjoy eating at a seaside tavern.

Along the east and south coast of Lesvos, you will always find bars, restaurants and shops. Kratigos, Charamida, Agios Ermogenis, Skala Polichnitou are some examples. For the best and strongest ouzo on the island, a stop to Plomari is highly recommended, the Barbayiannis Ouzo Museum presents the production of it. From Mytilene, you can also enjoy a day trip to Psara, roughly 60 nautical miles away. With a catamaran or sailboat, you can anchor in Kato Yalos and Katsouni near the port, and seize the opportunity for an overnight trip in the relaxed village. To the west, you can also sail to Antipsara known for its wonderful bays that offers great shelter. With a sailboat charter in Lesvos, a cruise to Ayvalik in Turkey is also possible. Ayvalik offers guests, pristine beaches and is near the city of Istanbul, a city that merges eastern and western culture.

If you rent a boat in Lesvos on the northern coast, the choices for secluded spots are almost endless. Molivos and Eftalou are blue-flagged beaches on the shore that are great for swimming and snorkeling with a catamaran. Eftalou beach has nine interlinked coves, you can also visit the famed hot springs in the same area. Ambelia and Kamila beach are remote beaches that also make a pleasant and relaxing cruise. In-between your sailing, the village of Molivos has a charming harbor where you can moor your boat. Molivos is a unique medieval settlement with a castle known as Mythimna which hosts numerous cultural events during the summer. You can also roam around the town, catch sight of stone roof houses or sip on cocktails and taste the local delicacies in the many taverns. Finally, if you find yourself on the west side of the island you cannot miss the village of Eressos with has one of the best beaches in Lesvos. Nearby you will also have the chance to visit the Petrified Forest of Sigri.

Below you will find some useful information for your boat trip in Lesvos.

Mytilini Marina: Located on the south-east edge of the island, close to the center of Mytilene town. This marina has a total capacity of 222 berths and all boats are maintained and well-protected from the winds. There are refueling services, car parking, free WI-FI and restaurants within the marina zone.

The airport of Lesvos is located 8 km away from Mytilene and receives daily flights from Athens and Thessaloniki.

Skala Sykamnia: A fishing village on the northern side of the island. It has a few mooring spots for boats who depart towards the Asia Minor coast. Here you can catch one of the most beautiful sunsets of the island.

Skala Polichnitou: A tiny village with a small harbor located in the south of the island, a little further from Vatera Beach. Great for boat trips to or from the bay of Kalloni. There are a couple of tavernas in the harbor.

Skala Eressou Marina: A seaside village with a small harbor and a beach awarded the blue flag in 2006. The town is famed for being the birthplace of Sappho, a famous lyric poet. Skala Eressos is also a popular resort for women in Europe and the streets are vehicle-free creating a laid-back atmosphere.

The road distance between Mytilene International Airport and Skala Eressos is roughly 85km. The distance by sea is roughly 58 km.

Port Sigri: The second largest port in Lesvos and is able to accommodate all types of vessels and ship-size ferry boats. Situated on the western coast and offers good shelter from the Meltemi. Water is available on the quay, there are also fishing boats anchoring in the bay to the north of the port.

Mytilene International Airport is roughly 62 km away from Port Sigri, a 2-hour drive.

Plomari Marina: Situated on the south coast of Lesvos. On the north quay, there is space for yachts to anchor with good shelter.

Molyvos Harbour: Located in the city of Mythimna and accepts vessels with a max depth of 4m. Water and electricity are offered for boats and there are some excellent restaurants in the vicinity.

Mytilene International Airport is 67 km away from Molivos Harbour.

There are ferry routes to Lesvos from Piraeus, Chios, Ikaria, Inousses, Limnos, Mykonos, Patmos, Psara, Samos, Syros.